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How to Make Piles of Money Selling Merchandise on Amazon This Year!

Forget info marketing … Kindle e-books … and eBay. Here’s a way to profit handsomely from Amazon’s massive traffic – selling products made by other people – and not you … for extremely attractive mark-ups and profit margins.

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The key to getting sales online is traffic. And there’s the rub.

Traffic, unfortunately, is often tough to generate and expensive to buy … which is why the traffic on most sites and sales pages is extremely modest.

And with a low volume of traffic, even if your landing page converts well, your online sales will be peanuts. As a result, most people who try info marketing make little or no money.

But instead of trying to drive traffic, why not go where the traffic already is? A savvy group of entrepreneurs is doing just that … and making a small fortune … selling products on, a site that gets 197 million visitors a month just to the U.S. online store alone.

That traffic generates big money for Amazon and the merchants who sell their wares through them. In 2017, Amazon generated $178 billion in revenues – giving Amazon a 43.5% share of U.S. retail ecommerce!

And according to a new study, 72% of all consumers will check Amazon … even if they’ve found their product elsewhere.

So what can you sell on Amazon?

There are a number of different ways to make money with Amazon. You could become an Amazon affiliate, which means you drive traffic to YOUR web site and link to Amazon. But the commission is tiny, around 4%. You won’t get rich that way.

You can write and sell Kindle e-books, but you make only a few dollars per order and there’s too much competition. Plus, writing a book is a lot of work!

The most profitable method of making serious money on Amazon is to buy a physical product from the manufacturer, who agrees to put your logo on it instead of theirs … that’s called “private label.” Then you sell it under your own brand for a nice mark-up on Amazon. And that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do when you follow the simple, step-by-step guidelines in our manual How to Make a Fortune Selling Stuff on Amazon. The money can be significant – one person following these methods has grossed monthly sales of $200,000, as incredible as that sounds!

Start making money with Amazon within 90 days!

Now, in our big 165-page e-book, How to Make a Fortune Selling Stuff on Amazon, Peter Kavanagh and I reveal the secrets to maximizing your online profits by selling “OPM” (other people’s merchandise – products made for you by manufacturers) on Amazon.

In it, you will discover:

  • How to launch your product on Amazon using your existing e-mail list. Page 96.
  • Why you should sell physical products on Amazon instead of e-books. Page 2.
  • Using coupon sites to boost your Amazon product sales. Page 97.
  • 7 advantages of having an e-commerce business that runs on Amazon. Page 7.
  • Create Facebook ads that drive customers to your product’s Amazon page. Page 101.
  • How to start and run a successful Amazon e-commerce business without holding inventory or fulfilling a single order. Page 9.
  • Drum up interest in your new Amazon venture with press releases. Page 104.
  • How folks just like you are making up to $200,000 a month in gross sales revenues on Amazon. Page 20.
  • Great product reviews can make or break you on Amazon. Here’s an ethical way to get lots of positive reviews. Page 107.
  • The 12 best product categories to sell on Amazon today – and the 10 to avoid at all costs. Starts on page 22.
  • The right way to handle complaints when customers get the product you shipped and do not like it. Page 119.
  • How to select the right products to sell on Amazon. Page 25.
  • 7 steps to increasing your Amazon product sales with YouTube. Page 125.
  • Generating traffic to your Amazon listing with Google AdWords. Page 122.
  • A “secret” tool for finding out which products on Amazon are their best sellers. Not one businessperson in 100 knows how to do this. Page 29.
  • How to beat competitors who are selling the same product that you are on Amazon. Page 130.
  • The 4 characteristics of products that are good candidates for you to sell on Amazon. Page 33.
  • 7 Amazon policy violations to avoid at all costs. Even one can get your product removed from Amazon. Page 134.
  • Using Google to determine if there is a sustained demand for the product you want to sell. Page 36.
  • Understanding the metrics you need to measure your listing and seller performance. Page 136.
  • How to easily and inexpensively differentiate your product from similar products also selling on Amazon. Page 39.
  • How to build your physical product empire online. Page 146.
  • 4 easy steps to setting up your Amazon business. Page 43.
  • 7 ways to expand beyond the U.S. to other countries with Amazon stores. Page 149.
  • Negotiating a better price from your suppliers. Page 57.
  • The best way to source a supplier for merchandise you sell on Amazon. Page 49. Plus: 7 tips for doing due diligence on a new supplier. Page 54.
  • Perils and pitfalls to watch out for when sourcing products from overseas. Page 50.
  • Dealing with negative reviews for your product on Amazon. Page 116.
  • 5 steps to creating Amazon product listings that sell. Page 63.
  • There are 36 categories you can sell your product in on Amazon. Here’s how to choose the right one. Page 65.
  • Choosing the right key words to include in your Amazon product listings by using the Google Planner, competitor headlines, merchant words, the Amazon search bar, and Amazon pay per click advertising. Starts on page 67.
  • The most important part of your Amazon product listing and how to optimize it. Page 72.
  • Selecting the best product images for your Amazon listings. Page 76.
  • Optimizing feature bullets in your product listing copy. Page 79.
  • How to build a list of your Amazon customers. Page 153.
  • 6 key elements of a winning Amazon listing description. Page 84.
  • Setting the right price for your product. Page 87.
  • 6 most common challenges when leveraging Amazon to build an online physical product business. Page 159.
  • 7 steps to a killer Amazon product listing. Page 88.
  • 6 factors that can help boost your rankings on the Amazon algorithm. Page 90.
  • How to launch a new product on Amazon. Page 91.
  • The importance of reviews and how to get really good ones. Page 92.
  • Running a pay per click ad campaign on Amazon. Page 94.
  • And much, much more ….

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